Interview with Harvest Dispensary, Marty Higgins

California supports a wide range of high-quality dispensaries, shops that have moved beyond Dispensary 1.0, which tended to embrace a pawnshop or payday check-cashing aesthetic. Dispensary 2.0 pays attention to lighting and textile qualities, to displays and branding. Harvest, in San Francisco, is a leader in this new wave of dispensaries and cannabis lounges. Our friends at Défoncé Chocolatier chatted with owner Marty Higgins about Harvest and branding.

Q: What are some of the things you guys look for, in terms of product selection?

A: We look for obviously high-quality products that are naturally sourced and grown by ethical, responsible farmers and producers. Our products don’t have polypropylene glycol or other additives that we feel are hazardous or could be hazardous. We err on the side of carrying pure products.

Q: What are your thoughts about branding? About presentation?

A: We are very mindful about packaging. Défoncé stands out from many other brands. It’s a luxurious-looking product. Fortunately, once you taste the chocolates and feel the effects, you know it’s among the best. Few people deliver that quality of edibles. We are thrilled to have them.

Q: How often do brands and farmers approach Harvest, asking if you will carry their products?

A: Over and over again, every day. Right now, we carry about 60 different products.

Q: Why does packaging matter to you?

A: We are delivering a familiar retail format and shopping experience, and that entails having packaging that mirrors others how products look in other environments. Packaging matters quite a bit to retailers in other markets, but it hasn’t been much of a focus in cannabis. Well-done packaging conveys a level of sophistication, which translates to us as care and love in the product. We are here to deliver the best consumer-driven experience in the market, and packaging matters to us, in part, because it matters to the consumer.

Q: Is attention to branding among cannabis brands getting better?

A: We have some of the best dispensaries in the country in the Bay Area, and brands are increasingly playing an important role in the dispensary experience. Brands like Défoncé are driving this, forcing retailers to say, `Wow, the people who pay meticulous attention to branding are selling well. Let’s work with more brands that understand the dispensary experience is about more than simple transactions.’

We're proud and honored to be providing Defoncé with the the finest cannabis for their chocolates. 

About  Defoncé Chocolatier 

Exquisite ingredients and veteran craft merge at Défoncé, which produces California’s finest cannabis-infused chocolates. Our seed-to-bar artisanal chocolates set new high standards for the world of edible confections.


For the good of Earth, we believe all food companies should push for sound agricultural practices and responsible use of resources. As a result, Défoncé uses only sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients, a foundational effort that does not reflect the one-stop-shopping that defines so much food production. The work demands more time, and does not always exactly hum lullabies to the spreadsheet. But it introduces us to (and supports) so many fascinating and principled artisans, and it results in the finest infused chocolate in California. 


We proudly donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which advances cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of St. Jude’s founder, Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay.

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